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We are true local Calgary Apple Computer, iPad, iPhone, and other device device repair and data recovery specialists. Skilled technicians can fix  hardware and software issues on iPhones, iPads, Macbooks, iMAC etc. Reliable data retrieval from various storage devices. Trust us for efficient restoration and data recovery

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Repairing all Apple devices.

We are Calgary based experts in repairing all Apple devices. Our team of skilled technicians ensures reliable and professional repair services for iPhone, iPad, Macbook, and other Apple devices.

Data recovery from storage devices.

We specialize in data recovery from various Apple devices,  iMAC, Laptops, Macbook, Iphones, including flash drives, hard drives, SSDs, computers, laptops, and more. Regardless of how you lost your data – accidental deletion, formatting, or even media damage – we have the technology and expertise to recover your important information.


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Frequently Ask Questions

The warranty on parts that have been replaced during repair ranges from 90 days to six months from the time the unit is received by the customer.

The warranty for repaired devices after liquid penetration is negotiated individually with each customer.

The package contents of the device does not matter. We recommend that you remove the protective accessories and remove the SIM card from the iPhone. The exceptions are those related to the defect: for example, if your device does not charge, not only the device, but also the charger should be sent for repair.

Модульная замена вышедшего из строя компонента занимает от нескольких часов до нескольких дней при наличии детали на складе. Если деталь специфическая и отсутствует на складе, время ремонта оговаривается индивидуально с заказчиком.

We perform free IPhone diagnostics.

This service is implemented on our website. By taking advantage of this functionality you will reduce the time for unnecessary questions from the service and immediately get a telephone response to the transmitted information, which you have specified in full in the form

Of course! We provide a mail-order service for the convenience of our customers. If you are not comfortable visiting our service center in person, you can safely send your device to us for repair

At Mobile Phone Repair Services, we make sure your data is kept safe during the repair process. We take all necessary precautions to protect the information stored on your device.

About Us

Few Words About applecare

We are a team of specialists helping to repair and restore damaged and non functional Apple devices in the city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We have fully equipped local laboratory. We can replace the  damaged screen, backcover glass of your cellphone, iPhone, laptop and as well battery and other broken components. We can restore your data from a non-working apple device. Diagnostics is free of charge. More information about us will be written later as this resource develops. Call and come to us for a consultation.

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Excellent Apple repair service. They quickly restored my MacBook, I recommend it to everyone!
John Doe
I am very grateful for the quality repair of my iPhone. Everything was done quickly and at an affordable price. You are real professionals!
John Doe
I am very pleased with the work of the service center. Excellent service, quality repairs and friendly staff. Thank you very much for your help!
John Doe

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