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Comprehensive Device Repair

Comprehensive repair involves restoring all components, both hardware and software, to bring the device back to optimal working condition.

Water Damage Repair

Moisture removal, cleaning and diagnostics to restore performance.

Broken Screen Repair

Restore the display by replacing the glass/screen.

Charging Port Repair

Restore charging by repairing or replacing the port.

Microsoldering Repair

Restoration of electronic boards with soldering equipment.

Back Panel Repair

Replacing the rear glass/panel – restoring the appearance.

Battery Replacement

For optimal performance and long device life.

Repair IPhone

Before the repair, the technician carries out a thorough diagnosis in order to accurately determine the cause of the malfunction and offer the most reasonable option to get the phone working.

The total cost of repair is determined individually. The price list shows the main types of issues.
The final cost depends on the price of parts and complexity of the procedure.

ISSUETIMEPrice from $price up to $
Touchscreen replacement
Display replacement
Battery replacement
Connectors repair or replacement
Not charging
Firmware update or restore
Not turning on
Logic board repair
Liquid damage repair

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