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Repair MacBook

Before the repair, the technician carries out a thorough diagnosis in order to accurately determine the cause of the malfunction and offer the most reasonable option to get the phone working.

The total cost of repair is determined individually. The price list shows the main types of issues.
The final cost depends on the price of parts and complexity of the procedure.

ISSUETIMEPrice from $price up to $
Preventive maintenance (dust cleaning)
Software installation
Battery replacement
Display replacement
Speaker Pair Replacement
Touch ID replacement
Cooler Replacement
Thermo paste replacement
SSD replacement disk malfunction, data loss, slow performance.
Charging Connectors Replacement
Track Pad Replacement (Touchpad)
Replacement Logic Board (MotherBoard)
Trackpad Flexible Cable Replacement(Loops)
Replacement of Top Case(Case) (with Keyboard)
AC-DC Power Supply Replacement/Repair
Mac OS X Installation
Uninstall (Bypass, Jailbreak) iCloud
OS Upgrade or Repair
Pre-purchase consultation

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